Help Japan

In the aftermath of the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami (and continuing nuclear disaster) people all over the world have been offering sympathy, support, thoughts, and prayers to the people of Japan. Alice’s blog over at My Modern Met has been highlighting creative fundraiser projects for disaster relief in Japan, such as these illustrated prints. Created by graphic designers, James White, and, Rob Dobi, they are available for purchase with all proceeds going directly to disaster relief efforts.

Help Japan by James White

Help Japan by Rob Dobi

Visit Signalnoise for the art of James White and Fullbleed for the art of Rob Dobi.


Japanese photographer/web designer, Hideaki Hamada, has started a Flickr group/photography project in order to encourage people to donate to relief efforts. “I believe the power of our photographs will make people around the world act,” Hamada says.

You can contribute by adding the caption, “Please Donate for Japan Earthquake,” to your own photo and uploading it to the group project page:

Here are some recommended disaster relief donation sites to include along with your photo:

Donate to the American Red Cross via
Google Crisis Response
American Red Cross
International Medical Corps
Paypal Donations

Please Donate for Japan Earthquake Flickr group images:

Photo by Hideaki Hamada

Photo by Hideaki Hamada

Please Donate for Japan Earthquake

Please Donate for Japan Earthquake

By Zuleika Iamashita

By Zuleika Iamashita

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