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Joe D. Cat

Meet Joe. Joe D. Cat. No really, that’s his name.

Joe D. Cat by Sara Dorman

Joe is one sweet dude. Somehow his eyes always seem slightly sad and melancholy to me, as though he’s recalling distant times and far-away memories…

Image Credit: Sara Dorman with her trusty iPhone and Hipstamatic App.

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Coffee Cream Clare

Coffee Cream Clare by Sara Dorman

Coffee Cream Clare

This is one of my absolute favorite photos of one of my best friends and muse, Clara Catalina Rodriguez. Not only does she happen to be amazingly awesome and gorgeous she is also an incredibly talented flamenco dancer, singer, and teacher. She was one of the featured dancers in the Iron and Wine music video, Boy with a Coin. (Which she didn’t tell any of us about until the video was shot and had already come out!!)

Photo by Sara Dorman


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San Francisco, Darkly

These recent days of mist and rain reminded me of pictures I took a few months ago in and around San Francisco (at the Palace of Fine Arts, Civic Center, and the Bay Bridge, respectively).  They all have a dark melancholy about them that seems to fit the current mood quite nicely.

Palace of Fine Arts by Sara Dorman

Palace of Fine Arts

Near Civic Center by Sara Dorman

Near Civic Center

Moody Bay Bridge from the Passenger's Side by Sara Dorman

Moody Bay Bridge from the Passenger's Side

Bay Bridge Dusk by Sara Dorman

Bay Bridge Dusk

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Misty Moon Pods

Misty Moon Pods by Sara Dorman

Misty Moon Pods

I stumbled upon these amazing horned pods while hiking out in the hills behind Berkeley one misty afternoon. I thought they had a very dignified and rather mysterious feel to them. I actually gathered a bunch for a corner of our living room. In a tall slender Voss water container they lend a lovely organic yet elegant vibe to the room.

Photo my own, taken with my trusty iPhone and Hipstamatic app.

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